How To Have The Ultimate Christmas On A Budget

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Sometimes it’s hard to do Christmas on a budget isn’t it? It’s hard to avoid the fact that it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Don’t Christmas decorations seem to be coming out earlier and earlier?! It can be a bit daunting when already cashflow peaks then often slows down AND you’re gearing up to buy presents. Everyone loves giving and receiving however here’s a few tips to make sure Christmas doesn’t send you broke!

1. Exercise the privileges of Kris Kringle

Depending on the size of your extended family, a great way to reduce cost is to put everyone’s name in a hat and buy just for the one person. That way everyone gets a better present and saves you money

2. Set a budget

If your kids are older, it’s a good idea to give them the budget for their present. We have found that by doing this they actually understand the value of money better and make better decisions. Our teenagers have become experts and searching out great deals online as well as deciding what’s a crucial purchase and what can wait.

3. Plan ahead throughout the year

Ok … this one is a stretch, but many people do it and buy when sales are on.

4. Set aside a small amount throughout the year

Imagine if you put away $50/week and started doing this 4 weeks after Christmas of the previous year. By December you would have $50 x 48 weeks = $2400 to spend. Even $25/week would make Christmas that little bit easier.


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