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Your Right-hand Money Man

Everyone wants ‘The Forensics Guy’ watching out for them and he’s created a 7-point ‘Show me the Money’ process.

It’s genius … and his forensic sweep often finds hidden cash of $10,000 or more and it’s not uncommon to uncover as much as $80,000!

Here’s what it looks like…

(sorry, we can tell WHAT he does but not HOW because it’s Blade Black Op’s environment restricted)

Fast Track Initial Financial forensic check-up

Breakeven point

Determine Cashflow Threats > Debtor/Creditor Ratio > Debt Serviceability

Identify if you’ve got a Cashflow or Profit problem

Organisational Structure > Optimal Asset protection > Family Tax Pooling

Identify ATO hotspots

Identify any money wastage

Small business owners no longer accept flying blind as an option and are fed up with wasting time and energy unless every step they take they KNOW that it’s building you a successful business.

At Blade Bookkeeping, we take the complexity out of money management to help business owners achieve certainty.

We have created a bookkeeping management system with your style of business in mind. 

Once you’re up and running … you’ll know where the money is … once and for all.

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Proven Cashflow Status Alerting

You deserve to know where your Cashflow position is at your fingertips. That’s why here at Blade Bookkeeping we’ve designed our unique Cashflow Status solution so that you know where your Cash is, once and for all.

We send out monthly, meaningful Cashflow Status alerts so you know where you’re at, and we’ve made it into a simple traffic light system with CLEAR ACTION STEPS that tell you what to do next to stay in control of your money and give you peace of mind. 

Doing well and want to grow? Blade Bookkeeping offers access to expert advice you need to improve your momentum through our Blade Club teaching and Q&A webinars.

Our industry-specific service is the hinge that swings the big door in your business. The solid bottom line from which you can gain Cashflow predictability. No matter where your business is at, without a great set of data, you won’t know if you’re on track to your goals.

The Blade Black Op’s environment has been created so you have a safe place to go to check in that you’re on the right track to strategically help you grow your family’s wealth.

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Who We Help

As a new or growing trade or small business owner, you need good advice from an industry specialist.

Sole Traders, Companies And Trusts

Come out from under that pile of receipts and invoices and make your bookkeeping an asset that builds the value in your business.

Get year-round decision proof data and make reliable, financial action steps.


All Trade Businesses

Electricians, carpenters, plumbers, builders, handymen and other small business owners rely on Blade Bookkeeping to untangle their finances, get on top of their Cashflow and get the ball rolling on a smarter financial future.


Business Owners Dreaming Of Selling

Talk to Naomi at Blade Bookkeeping about an optional tailored, Investor Ready© package which will protect your assets, help you plan for the future and fast-track your business growth.


Success Stories From Our Clients

Hear What Our Clients Says About Us

Meet Your Blade Club HQ Team

bookkeeping accountants Melbourne

Adam Reeves

B.Bus (accounting), FTPA (TAI Practitioners and Advisers), RTA (Registered Tax Agent)

Even though Adam is a Strategic Accountant of over 30 years, more than anything he’s known as ‘The Forensic Guy’ when it comes to any business’s dirty little secrets.


He’s developed a process that has turned bookkeeping from an annoying relative to welcome guest.


His forensic sweep finds and follows the money and is where he detects the tripwires in any business.

…read more

bookkeeping accountants Melbourne

Naomi Radke

As a former passenger jet Captain, Naomi knows plenty about systems and delivering a safe landing … EVERYTIME.

She’s turned Adam’s forensic data process into a deliverable system, so you get data that she trusts as much as she had to trust the fuel gauge in her jet.


As the leader of the team, she is the heart centre of Blade Bookkeeping and doesn’t rest until everything is running like clockwork.


Her genius is making everyone experience a personal touch and ALWAYS finds a solution and specialises in problem-solving and outcomes.

…read more


How easy is it to switch to Blade Bookkeeping?
What makes Blade Bookkeeping different from other bookkeeping services?
How much time will I need to spend on my books?
Do I have to come to your office?
I’m nervous about cybersecurity, is cloud-based accounting safe?
Can I access my books from my mobile?
Am I locked into a program?
Do you lodge my BAS and TAX?
How easy is it to use the software you recommend?
If I’m behind in my books, including lost receipts and/or invoices, can you help me?
How much does it cost to work with Blade Bookkeeping?
How easy is it to switch to Blade Bookkeeping?

Breakups always seem hard (“It’s not you, it’s me” — remember that line?) but switching to Blade Bookkeeping is dead-set easy. And we’ll do it all for you. 

All you need to do is let us know you’re ready to change and we’ll take care of it from there. We’re set up so that you don’t have to leave your old accountant, just be a better and easier client for them.

What makes Blade Bookkeeping different from other bookkeeping services?

Many Trade and small Business owners don’t know, until they learn the hard way, that their bookkeeping SHOULD be building the LIFETIME value in their business.

From your first ‘Show me the Money’ review to your monthly Cashflow Status alerts, before you even know it, we’ve already started forming the history of your business for wherever you want to take it.

We know each business is in different places in their financial business cycle and have different goals, so access to our Blade Black Op’s sessions allows a tailored approach through Q&A at our monthly webinars. Our genius is to give you certainty and get back your passion for what you do.

How much time will I need to spend on my books?

This depends on the size and complexity of your business, but one thing is certain: 

With Blade Bookkeeping on your team, you’ll spend way less time than you do now on admin! For smaller businesses, you could get it down to as little as 15 minutes a week (yes, wow!!!).

Do I have to come to your office?

Blade Bookkeeping works with trade and small businesses around Australia. We can communicate by phone, online or via our preferred video conferencing so we don’t suck up any more of your precious time and you can keep your business ball rolling.

I’m nervous about cybersecurity, is cloud-based accounting safe?

Yes, very. Think big thick walls (a computer geek would salivate at Xero’s multiple layers of encryption and firewall gizmos). The financial software we use, Xero, is at the cutting edge of cyber safety and is used by more than one million businesses. You and your data are safe! 

Xero has also made it mandatory to have two-step authentication for even better security.

If you’re not with Xero, that’s ok as we also work with other cloud accounting solutions such as MYOB or Reckon that have equivalent security.

Can I access my books from my mobile?

Xero is real-time so you can access your info from any device, as often as you like.

Am I locked into a program?

When you work with Blade Bookkeeping, you get to choose the level of support you need. There is no lock-in contract or any slickly worded tricks to keep you tied to us. With that being said, our clients are happy and tend to hang around!

Do you lodge my BAS and TAX?

We are set up so that you don’t have to leave your accountant because we know you can get attached! What we do instead is provide year-round great data so that the time your accountant spends on your compliance is reduced significantly. You can either lodge your own BAS from our accurate figures or get your accountant to do it and at tax time your tax return lodgement is easy for your accountant. We have preferred accountants that know and love our work so if you don’t like yours so simply ask us more information.

How easy is it to use the software you recommend?

Xero (our favourite cloud software) is a piece of cake and is popular for this reason. If you ever need a hand, we’re just a phone call away. We can provide ‘Integration Coaching’ until you’re up to speed. You’ll love it because (at last!!??) you’ll know exactly where you’re at with your numbers.

If I’m behind in my books, including lost receipts and/or invoices, can you help me?

Yes, of course. We’ve seen EVERYTHING in people’s businesses, and nothing surprises us. No matter how ‘bad’ you think your books are (or how ‘good’), we can help you get back on track. You’ll be able to move ahead with the confidence that only comes from knowing your finances are in order. Sometimes trade and small business owners think their numbers are ok and we find it set up so wrong that their business is at risk and they don’t know it.

How much does it cost to work with Blade Bookkeeping?

We’ve got 3 options depending on the size of your business. Blade Silver, Blade Gold and our exclusive Blade Diamond for business owners that want to WEAPONIZE their money. Check out the table below for more info.

*There would be an additional cost for more involved strategy questions, and these will be quoted on a case-by-case basis as determined by Adam.

*If a question cannot be answered within the 15-minute slot further advice fee will be quoted.

*If a question has a wide audience appeal, it may be covered in the monthly Blade Q&A webinar as an additional bonus.